The Partisan Cantina is an independent and not-for-profit Star Wars fan-site. It is proudly independent and does not seek, or wish for, any preferential treatment from Lucasfilm or its associates. We have zero interest in advertising or selling any schtick. Neither have we any interest in appearing at Conventions, kissing up to creatives or any kind of activity that has become associated with the modern phenomenon of celebrity fandom. We do receive review copies of books in exchange for honest reviews.


We work behind the scenes of Fandom to give our honest opinions and value all Star Wars fans and their views, from all backgrounds and age ranges. Like Han Solo in The Force Awakens we are highly sceptical of people who think they are “kind of a big deal”. Social update for those people – the man on the street has never heard of you.


We are here simply to share what we like and to have informed discussion with our fellow fans. Hopefully we can help create a few new fans while we are at it.

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