As we near the home entertainment release date for The Last Jedi a number of interesting video clips have caught my eye which provide a fascinating insight into the construction of the film.

Gone is the repetitive politburo style “on message” mantra of “practical effects” that accompanied The Force Awakens. Instead we get the veil lifted on ILM’s magic tricks, and it’s fascinating. That is as it should be – Star Wars films have always broken new ground and it’s a point that should be celebrated as a key aspect of the art of film making.

The first video worth mentioning sees the BBC’s Al Moloney meet Ben Morris of the Oscar nominated visual effects team behind Star Wars: The Last Jedi, to see how some of the special effects for the film were created. The video and behind the scenes look comes from the BBC tech team behind the World Service’s Click programme.

The second video is a full 26 minute video about the sound effects of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. That has now been officially released for viewing by ABC News. The video takes us to Skywalker Ranch, where Skywalker Sound, the Oscar-nominated sound crew of The Last Jedi, do their magic. A truly fascinating watch and suitably quirky to deserve a mention on this site.

The other videos gave specific scene backgrounds behind The Last Jedi. The first clip follows the resistance to Crait for a showdown with the First Order. The second clip, like the BBC footage shows how Snoke and his Throne Room were developed. Magical viewing!

Editor’s Note: All images subject to copyright and can be removed upon request.

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