The Visual Dictionary books are usually among the most prized of possessions in any Star Wars fan’s library. What seems to be so fascinating about them is that they often contain little nuggets of facts that don’t seem to be too interesting on first glance, but which months and years later can take on a bigger significance. For example, deep within the Rogue One publication there was a reference to a little place called Crait which wasn’t of note until we all realized that the planet would be one of the locations in The Last Jedi. Spotting those elements of the book is harder on first glance but even at this stage The Last Jedi – Visual Dictionary has quite a few points of interest.


The highlights for me on my first read was the section on the Mosaic of the Prime Jedi in a state of meditation and balance – an interesting play on the Yin-Yang symbol.

Elsewhere we got confirmation that both Han and Chewie retreated into family life in the early years of The New Republic. Interesting to think of what Chewie’s specific family situation was (it was hinted in the Aftermath trilogy that he was a father) given the fact that in the old EU he continued to fulfil his life debt, extended to Han’s wider family (at least until an unfortunate encounter with a moon on Sernpidal…oops, too soon?).

Another touching little detail is the fact that the ship The Raddus, was named upon suggestion from Ackbar, a concession made to an old rival in the military whom Ackbar came to respect in later years. There are also some interesting facts about Snoke including confirmation that he was not a Sith and the origins of that ring. Elsewhere we find out that most of the pilots who remained after the Starkiller Base attack were sent to other evacuation points across the galaxy, or on other missions at the time of the fleet’s escape from D’Qar. So we may yet see Mr Wexley and Ms Pava, et al. making a comeback in Episode IX. Plus we find out about why those bombs functioned as intended in space…


All in all, if you are a fan I think this book is the one from the Star Wars book library that is worth investing in before all others to accompany your viewing. As well as the great photography the book really contains all the information that it is essential to know, plus some interesting little nuggets.

Although this edition doesn’t seem to contain as much critical information as The Force Awakens (for me the sections on Lor San Tekka and Kylo Ren were – and still are –  revelatory in that book), there is still plenty of detail to delight over here. The appeal is pretty universal, whether you are attracted due to the photography, the costumes, the character or the contextual. The usual top job from all concerned, and well worth checking out.

Editor’s Note: All images subject to copyright and can be removed upon request.

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