One of the great things about the release of a new Star Wars film is the amount of fan discussion it will generate. This year with The Last Jedi I listened to a lot of new podcasts to hear fresh voices on Star Wars outside of those I normally listened to. I found that many film podcasts gave fresh original takes on the saga and were interesting to listen to. For me those podcasts also had a freedom to share their views more frankly than pure Star Wars podcasts, although presenters were still major fans of the saga. One of the good podcasts discovered was Pearls of Fandom, and we invited them to the Cantina for a chat to find out more about their fan experience. Here’s what they had to say…

1. What was your first experience of Star Wars? 

For us, Star Wars has always been part of us. We were impressionable kids at the time of the release of Return of the Jedi, so that movie in particular has a special place in our hearts. It was the first one we were old enough to see new in the cinema, having already collected many of the sticker or card collections, bubblegum included. I remember being shooshed in the cinema as I began pointing out every scene I recognized from my swap-card collection!




2. What’s your favorite Star Wars era – Prequels, Originals, Or Sequels (to date)?

From then Star Wars never left us, to this day. Not many in our group of friends really grew out of it, even through the dark times (1983-1997). The mere trailers for the Special Editions made us go and see Independence Day several times in the cinemas. Madness.

As you will hear in our podcasts, we weathered the prequels with fondness for the simple fact new Star Wars were upon us. However it was The Force Awakens that truly reinvigorated a new love for the franchise, and being able to share it with the next generation is a dream come true. Throw in Rogue One, The Last Jedi, Battlefront, Lego, Kotobukiya, Gentle Giant, YouTube and podcasting, and 2018 is a good time to be a Star Wars tragic.

3. Are you looking forward to Solo? 

We are a little concerned about the upcoming Solo, as well as other floated ideas like Kenobi or Fett movies, as messing with classic characters is fraught with danger and something we often express on the show as something that shouldn’t be risked. But hopefully Ron Howard can produce a great movie like Rogue One that also makes the other movies better too.




4. How did you get into Podcasting? 

When you talk about cinema, television or any pop culture you often have a moment of self-reflection and realization that our liking and criticisms about fictional universes are futile escapism. But how good is it when like-minded individuals are on board and up for a chat?!? How good is it to discuss plot-lines while the real-world is debating politics? This is us. As long-time podcast listeners we saw it as a natural progression to take our discussions from the chatroom to the iPod. Podcasting is our way of reaching out to fans like us who want to heed others’ interpretations of popular content, and in some cases contribute to the conversation.

5. You plan on covering other material as well as the Star Wars saga – what have you coming up on the show?

Pearls of Fandom launched in December 2017 offering a comprehensive review of The Last Jedi, as well as Rogue One and The Force Awakens. While our content is not all Star Wars all the time (we’ve just released a cast on Justice League), we can promise Star Wars fans a podcast they will feel at home with, as Star Wars is our thing! Among other things, we have plans for a very special series of episodes that take a very different look at the prequels and events pre-ANH, which is something really worth subscribing for.

As our audience grows we wish to increase listener feedback and participation by taking emails from listeners at feedback@pearlsoffandom.com. Our website pearlsoffandom.com will give listeners a heads-up as to episodes slated for upcoming recording, and we ask for comments and questions that will be incorporated in the show.

Editors Notes: You can check out the Pearls of Fandom content at their site (see above) and download the content at all good pod-catchers.
A big thank you to the guys for sharing their love of Star Wars with us!

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