Star Wars: 800lb Productions – The Last Jedi Tribute has arrived!


Oh, boy. Each time Mike Pasquale unveils a new piece it is a special occasion. With his The Last Jedi tribute he has excelled even his own high standards. The new work encapsulates the ambitious spirit of the film, and is a wonder to look at. Anyone that follows Mike on Twitter or Instagram knows that this work has been a labor of love, and it is a pleasure to see it unveiled as an early Christmas present. After an awesome year for Mike which saw his wonderful “My Neighbor Poporgo” piece (below) give him widespread acclaim, we are glad to see him inspired by the latest installment in the saga.

Check out his work on Twitter and Instagram, and his site where you can order high quality prints of his work. We have and they are even more beautiful in reality! All of us at the Cantina raise a toast to Mike, and wish him an equally successful 2018.

Images used with the prior permission of the artist. Subject to copyright.




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