Yes folks its that time of the week again when we seek a little help from the one and only Hondo Ohnaka. So without further adieu, here’s Hondo!


Dear Hondo,

With The Last Jedi approaching I’m concerned. After The Force Awakens I was all ready to start using “Moof Milkers” as the go-to quote from the movie but everyone else latched onto “Tell that to Kanjiklub”. I mean that’s cool and all…but its no “moof milker”. So what do I do when I’m bantering with fellow fans? Do I call them a Moof Milker or will they simply roll their eyes and tell me to tell it to Kanjiklub?

Signed “Concerned”

Hondo says: My friend you are going about this all the wrong way. The quote of that film was Mr Finn with “I’m a big deal”. Ooooh boy Ohnaka had a good old chortle at that line. You see I, Hondo Ohnaka am actually also a big deal, and as it happens I’ve pulled off some very big deals for myself over the years. All in a days business so to speak. So let us speak no more of these Moofs being milked my friend, I am a big deal, and you my friend are a big deal! We must drink! I propose a toast to big deals all over the galaxy! Cheers my friend.



Dear Hondo,

I am a frustrated individual. My voice and opinions on Star Wars Twitter are very important, and my followers hang on my every word. Is there anyway I can communicate with people to tell them to stop posting spoilers for The Last Jedi? I and a few others who must be ever present on Twitter to relay our wisdom have tweeted out threats about blocking, but it isn’t working! Maybe you know of any sophisticated technological ways of muting certain words? Please help me because this has me so frustrated that I want to scream – how can I stop myself from seeing spoilers on Twitter? Nothing is working Hondo!

Yours sincerely Star Wars Twitter expert

Hondo says: My friend, why not simply stay off this Twitter thing you refer to?!?! A simple solution which cuts through your Gordian Knot, yes? I think that may get you out of the bind you are in! Very, very simple my friend! I say this as someone who has gotten out of a few binds in my day. Incidentally, if you are so addicted to Twitter that you can’t stay off it for a few days does that make you a twit? Ha! Get it? Twit! Sometimes Hondo cracks Hondo up with this wit. Ha! Wit-Twit! Oh boy, I’m funny. Ahhh…only joking my friend.



Okay! That’s it from Hondo for this week! Thank you to all of you who wrote in and we are sorry we couldn’t get Hondo to answer all your mail this week. As you will appreciate he is very busy with his legitimate business interests. We will get to them eventually.

Do you have a problem that Hondo can help you with? Contact us with your woes on Twitter at @partisancantina or e-mail us at  -remember to use the hashtag #WeeklyWeequayWisdom.



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