I came into my 3 year old’s bedroom this morning to make his bed. There lying on the floor among his other toys was one of my childhood Star Wars toys. A Tauntaun with a broken horn and scratched paintwork. Well loved. Played with by me when I was a kid and now, without any encouragement from me one of my son’s favourite toys. He asked me last Sunday if he could go and see one in the museum; my explanation that they weren’t real and that they were “made up” for Star Wars was lost on him. He saw no reason to distinguish between this and the toy dinosaurs in his room. After all these years the toy Tauntaun has entered the world of his imagination just as it inhabited my own some thirty plus years ago. I’m sure that some people have one of these in mint condition, still boxed, never opened. No matter what it may be worth in such pristine condition however, what value can you place on the memories and imaginative play that my son and I now have as a common feature to our childhoods? A point worth considering.

May the Force be with You

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