Wanna hear a Snoke Theory? 

Okay so I have a Snoke theory. Don’t like Snoke theories? Think they suck? Turn around now.

I admit this one is a longshot, but let’s put it out there for discussion purposes. My Snoke theory was triggered last week when listening to the audiobook of Claudia Gray’s Bloodline. I was hit by the description and background allocated to a peripheral figure in that book that I had forgotten about since reading Gray’s book last year.

The scene takes place in a rundown tearoom on Daxam IV where the Centrist politician Ransolm Casterfo meets covertly with Arliz Hadrassian (formerly Imperial Security Bureau, aka Crimson Sword), to acquire the purchase of the red helmet of one of Palpatine’s Royal Guard. We already have been informed earlier in the book that Casterfo deals in illicit sales of Imperial memorabilia and artefacts. It is a fascinating meeting. There are three particularly interesting points that I noted in relation to Arliz Hadrassian.

Firstly, and this is why the scene resonated with me listening to the audiobook (as opposed to reading the scene last year when I didn’t know what Snoke looked like) is the physical description of Hadrassian we are told of her scarred complexion and interestingly of the scars on her throat which Casterfo notices are so bad that they affect her speech. “I know a man who has scars like that on his throat”, I thought. 

Secondly, she is actively funnelling money into the First Order in Bloodline and had spent several years building an Amaxine army on Daxam IV which she planned to deploy as the vanguard movement in the First Order’s coming war with the New Republic.

Finally, she is selling the helmet that belonged to her brother, a member of Palpatine’s Royal Guard (see above). In Bloodline she tells Casterfo that her brother did not die on Endor because he was stricken with illness and therefore survived the destruction of the second Death Star by failing to accompany the Emperor on that journey. Following Palpatine’s death we are told that Hadrassian’s brother continued serving the Empire only to have perished at the Battle of Jakku. Hadrassian claims that she acquired her brother’s Royal Guard helmet as a memento after this.

But is she telling Casterfo the truth? Did her brother really die at Jakku, or did he escape with those seen in Empire’s End to the Outer Rim? With a sister who shares many of the same physical characteristics as Snoke (scarred on face and neck), and as a person who was right at the epicentre of the Imperial court does Hadrassian’s brother present a viable candidate for Snoke? Is it just a coincidence that Hadrassian is so influential in the development First Order at this point? A First Order to be led by Snoke? 

Well at this stage I’d say it’s as viable as any other Snoke theories I’ve seen to suggest her brother and Snoke could be one and the same. In any event, even though it is likely that Snoke is just Snoke, it’s been fun daydreaming about obscure possibilities as the pieces of this alternative continuity start to mesh and bind.
Have a Snoke Theory? Let me know in the comments below – would love to her it. 

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  1. Interesting. I read Bloodline, albeit a while ago so I don’t remember everything. I do remember the characters though and some of the plot. I thought you were going to say it was the other guy – lol I can’t remember but when the book came out, a lot of people thought it was him. He got destroyed at the end.

    I think the theory is totally plausible AND I wouldn’t mind it if it were true. I’m in the camp that I want Snoke to be someone entirely new but that said – I wouldn’t mind a theory like this. It’s such a small character in the book (honestly, he’s supposed to be dead, does he even count as a character?) that I could stand behind it.

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