A gray day for Star Wars

This week Claudia Gray, an author of thoughtful and wonderful Star Wars novels, made the decision to take a step back from Twitter, stating “Nobody listens…from now on this account will be run by an assistant. Sorry guys. It’s been fun”. Claudia Gray is correct in her summary. Less and less people listen, fans can often spend more time on their views and output than contemplating thoughtful input from creatives. 140 characters is an ideal format for miscommunication, and brevity doesn’t always lend itself to nuanced exchanges or compassionate understanding.

I don’t want to open up the reasons why she felt the need to step back. My response is very simple. To say “Thank you Claudia”. Thank you for your warm-hearted engagement with fans. Thank you for answering our questions. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for the fun. Thank you your entertaining “fan-casting”, thank you for writing on esoteric subjects like why we should carefully consider John Mellencamp lyrics. Ultimately thank you for having the strength to decide this is all too much, I’m taking a step back from this.

Good luck Claudia. May the Force be with you.


  1. I am so very sorry to see her leave Twitter but I understand why she did it. Fan communities are becoming renowned—notorious, more like— for their treatment of their icons. Something about a person being a writer, director, or other creative on an IP we love makes us feel that we have some right to pick their work apart like hyenas. It’s revolting really and sad. Here we had a wonderful opportunity to engage in a dialogue with a truly sensitive artist who has given life to a host of new characters and faithfully portrayed our old favourites with love and honesty. We in the community should be deeply ashamed of our behaviour. We have closed the conversation, and that’s on us.

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