Harrison Ford’s “ad-libbing” advice

“Great Kid…don’t get cocky!”, Han Solo, A New Hope


It’s a line that is quintessentially Han Solo. A short bit of praise, followed by a reminder to the Farm-boy not to get too big for his britches. After all, there’s only one Captain of the Millennium Falcon, and he’s top dog.

In an interview in this month’s Empire magazine, Mark Hamill noted that the line was simply ad-libbed on set. Interestingly Hamill noted some words of advice that Ford gave him that stuck. In short, Harrison didn’t hang around for Lucas to give his seal of approval for improvisation on set. In the interview Hamill recalls,

“Remember when Han Solo, turns to me in the Millennium Falcon’s turret and says, ‘Great kid…Don’t get cocky!’? That was completely ad-libbed by Harrison. Every time I [Hamill] wanted to change a line in Star Wars I’d ask George and he’d go, ‘No, lets just do it as its written‘. But Harrison said ‘Don’t ask him, just do it! A lot of the time he doesn’t even fucking notice’. So that’s what we did. That bit on the Death Star when I say ‘I can’t see a thing out of this helmet‘ That was just something I said in rehearsal.”

So there you have it, if Hamill has been annoying any precious script dcotors on the set of The Last Jedi, by encouraging his colleagues in the cast to “wing it”, Rian Johnson  knows who to blame. Yes, it’s that scruffy looking Nerf-herder yet again.

Empire Magazine is on sale now (with a beautiful cover and a great feature article on The Last Jedi).


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