With friends like Threepio…

One of the funniest characters in Star Wars is the annoyingly prissy, but ultimately loveable, C-3P0. Much is made of his long-standing friendship with R2-D2. Audiences may even have shed a little tear when the duo were reunited, as R2 shook from his slumber, in The Force  Awakens. 

Let us not forget, however that Threepio had some making up to do. Yes, I am here to remind fans that one of the first things we ever saw Old Goldenrod doing in the Star Wars saga in 1977 was to throw old R2 right under the bus. Or to use a Star Wars-esque phrase, right under the Sandcrawler. 

Not long after Threepio recommending the purchase of R2-D2 to Luke (after R5’s bad motivator was exposed to Uncle Owen – “excuse me Sir, but that little R2 unit is in prime condition, a real bargain“) the limits of his loyalty were shockingly exposed. 

After Artoo makes an escape from the Skywalker abode to seek out Obi-Wan Kenobi does Threepio cover for him? Does he trust the little astromech? Does he heck!! Instead he shops his friend to Luke at the first opportunity,

it’s not my fault Sir, please don’t deactivate me! I told R2-D2 not to go but he’s faulty,malfunctioning, kept babbling on about his mission

Then to add to his betrayal, he adds the final knife in the astromech’s back. As Luke worries that “that little droid’s gonna cause [him] a lot of trouble” does Threepio defend him? Does he remind Luke that he only bought Artoo upon Goldenrod’s recommendation? Oh no! Instead he sneakily replies, 

oh, he excels at that Sir...”. 

Et tu Brute?”. Yes my friends. It seems that Han and Lando weren’t the only scoundrels saving their own skins in Star Wars. With friends like Threepio, who needs enemies? No, Threepio that isn’t very reassuring.

Editor’s Note: with thanks to Jim from @WeirdScienceDC (on Twitter) for the inspiration following fun discussion last week! 

Images subject to copyright and can be removed upon request. 


  1. I love it! It always bothered me how bad a friend C3P0 was. It’s like growing up and having a best friend who is always bad mouthing you to make new friends.

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