I Miss Luke Skywalker

This won’t be a very long post. Neither will it advance a very complicated argument. It is in fact more of a statement. 

I miss Luke Skywalker. 

Yes, it feels at times as though my favourite character has been abandoned by Lucasfilm’s Story Group since it’s formation in 2012. 

We’ve had some strange novels (Heir to the Jedi‘s first person narrative anyone?) and some terrible comics, that have stretched suspended disbelief to its limits. What we have not had is any substantive work that allows fans to ruminate on one of the most complex and mysterious characters the saga has to offer. 

My sense of loss is, I know, driven by the fact that Return of the Jedi was so beloved by me during my childhood. In that film Luke gave me everything a young boy needed: action, mystery, family and the Force. 

Now I know all the reasons why we aren’t getting any Luke content at the minute. I also know that come December my long wait will be over. I can’t help but raise the question of whether that long hiatus was worth it, or whether it was as necessary as accepted wisdom (always a silly notion in my eyes) tells us? In my view it was a strategic error on the part of the much lauded Story Group. 

Maybe I’m alone in this view, but come December it will be a relief to finally see Luke back at the heart of things. Most of all I’m pleased that some of the younger fans that have come on board since 2012 will finally get to see new Luke material and find out what excited me about the character all those years ago. 

May the Force be with you. 

Save the Dream. Save the Rebellion. 

Twitter – @PartisanCantina

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