Here at the Cantina we like to have a soundtrack that is heavily influenced by sounds of the past. A mysterious traveller visited the Cantina a few years back and left in a crate of holo-discs that he said had been sourced from Wild Space. 

Taken from the mysterious planet Sub-Pop the music was extracted from that planet’s unchartered territory of Seattle. Musicians in that territory were known for wearing a striking combination of durable and timeless thrift-store clothing, often worn in a loose, androgynous manner so as to de-emphasize the silhouette. Often they wore shirts with a check pattern hung loosely over their wiry frames, and their feet are clad sturdy black boots made by the mysterious Dr Martens.

From this mysterious cult, came feedback-driven music the like of which will never be heard again. That is the music that fills the air in the Partisan Cantina. It emboldens our patrons in their stance against the Empire. Although some reports have warned that the music risks an increase in levels of apathy, its spirit aligns with an anti-Corporate sentiment which clearly signal a punk mentality that Gerrera has found to be acceptable.

This document outlines the images that accompanied the holodiscs left to the Cantina in that mysterious crate. We know only the names of the artists and the covers of the albums. Everything else we must learn with our ears and our hearts. 

“Come as you are” the music tells us, and so it shall be.

Save the Dream. Save the Rebellion.


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