Kelly Thompson outlines some details on Marvel’s new Captain Phasma: Mini Series

This autumn Marvel’s increasingly stale Star Wars output is expecting a major boost with the advent of the new Captain Phasma mini-series.

Out of all the new Marvel Star Wars output the mini-series format has been the most critically successful to date. The Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Lando and Darth Maul releases have all been well received by the Partisan Cantina’s patrons.

The mini-series format is a successful method of permitting variety of output and for conveying one-off self-contained stories. It is also less susceptible to the type of storytelling drift that has crept into some of the Marvel Star Wars extended series, most notably the main Star Wars title which has become increasingly outlandish.

Come September, Star Wars fans will relish getting more information and backstory on a hitherto mysterious fan-favorite, Captain Phasma. Although a key figure in promotional materials in advance of the release of The Force Awakens Captain Phasma ended up with relatively little screen time within the 2015 release. Aside from a few subsequent cameo appearances in the Poe Dameron comic we have heard very little of her since.

All that will change next month as Kelly Thompson and Marco Checchetto’s spearhead Marvel Phasma mini-series in the lead up to The Last Jedi in December. The title will give fans a glimpse into Phasma’s back-story.

In an interview with writer Kelly Thompson revealed that more than any other character we’ve met in the Star Wars universe Phasma is a survivor.
Thompson outlined “We were given very clear parameters about our story, showing Phasma’s road from the garbage chute to the next film, which, to be honest, was a huge, exciting, and slightly terrifying responsibility. But I hope we embraced it and fans will dig it. I don’t think it’s quite what anyone is expecting, but I hope that’s a good thing!”.

The writer then gave some more details on the context of the series, adding that “We start out in Issue #1 on Starkiller Base, so fans will be getting a closer look at the last moments of Starkiller Base and all that entails. The rest of the series takes place on an all-new planet with all-new monsters, aliens, and threats…exciting stuff that I hope fans will dig!”.

Thompson is accompanied on the title by Marco Checchetto on art and Andres Mossa on colors. Meanwhile Paul Renaud will be undertaking work on covers. The visuals across the board look incredible.
Here’s hoping that September will see the return of some excitement to Marvel’s Star Wars output that has been stuck in a rut of late.

The full interview with can be accessed here.

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  1. My excitement level for the Star Wars comics has dropped off too. I don’t get any regularly now, waiting to peruse the trade paperbacks to see if the story’s worth investigating. But I’m really excited for this Phasma miniseries! I’m planning on reading it as soon as it comes out and it’s already on my pull list. I think Captain Phasma is a great example of unexplored potential and, from the looks of things, she’ll be coming into her own a bit more. I’m ready to learn more about her as a character!

    Admittedly, I also have a soft spot in my heart for her because I have this great Captain Phasma t-shirt (all black with her shiny silver helmet in the middle) that’s become one of my favorite Star Wars tees…even if she’s only in the movie for a few moments :).

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