Cantina Conduct

A Cantina like ours can’t run without a partisan code to live by (especially with our clientele). Here’s the Partisan Cantina‘s rules of engagement within the Star Wars fan community.

The Pitch

1. We encourage freedom of expression over all else. Some people may have views on what’s good and bad in Star Wars that might offend; but they don’t offend us as much as censorship.

2. If you are getting a say in the Cantina, then other people are just as entitled to have theirs. Be prepared to listen to others over that Correllian Ale you just added to your hefty tab.

3. Any abusive behaviour to Cantina Staff, patrons or visitors simply won’t be tolerated – we’ll throw you to Bor Gullet if there’s any of that nonsense.

4. Your Snoke Theory rocks. Our clientele like to tell the bar staff their high falutin’ theories and we like to hear them. If we see you making fun of the clientele we have a few Tognath mercenaries that will pull you to one side (and they do unpleasant things with cheap decal stickers).

5. We have a punk spirit and a DIY ethos that’s reflected in our methods: we don’t care if you think you’re a big time operator in the fan community. In the Cantina you’ll earn our respect; no free passes for lingering around Twitter for ten years.

6. The Star Wars Expanded Universe did it first and did it well. As a result of hard graft it gets the Expanded Universe title. We refer to Disney’s output as “the Alternative Continuity” – and we enjoy both types of stories in our Star Wars so play nice in the Cantina sandbox.

7. Our reviews don’t pander – so if you’re looking for hype about the latest book you’ve come to the wrong place. This ain’t no disco and it ain’t no country club – those authors are gonna earn the Cantina’s respect – if it’s terrible we’ll tell you – we ain’t running no PR campaigns here for Del Rey and Marvel.

8. We’ve not given up on “positivity in the fanbase” – but it’s become a cliche that is normally an empty slogan – and if you want to make some negative comments about the fan base, or the views of people who think they are kinda a big deal within it, go right ahead.

9. Patrons of Tosche Station are barred from entry – they owe us money they borrowed for some power converters and better watch their step.

10. We ain’t faking Star Wars, and we sure as hell ain’t Making Star Wars, and for that we are thankful.

Save the Dream. Save the Rebellion.

Follow us on Twitter – @PartisanCantina

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