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This is the Partisan Cantina. This is the home of the dreamers. This is the home of the partisans. This is where we save the dream, this is where we save the Rebellion. This is an independent Star Wars fan site that believes in free thinking, and independent thought. We believe in an insurgency against homogeneous views and accepted wisdom online. You are welcome to join us.

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Star Wars Toys, Childhood Totems

Like many children in the 1980s I grew up with Star Wars figures as my toy of first preference. It is difficult to think back to those days now and recall exactly what was going through my mind when I played with them, but I know that I spent countless hours engrossed with that activity.... Continue Reading →

I Miss Luke Skywalker

This won't be a very long post. Neither will it advance a very complicated argument. It is in fact more of a statement.  I miss Luke Skywalker.  Yes, it feels at times as though my favourite character has been abandoned by Lucasfilm's Story Group since it's formation in 2012.  We've had some strange novels (Heir... Continue Reading →


Here at the Cantina we like to have a soundtrack that is heavily influenced by sounds of the past. A mysterious traveller visited the Cantina a few years back and left in a crate of holo-discs that he said had been sourced from Wild Space.  Taken from the mysterious planet Sub-Pop the music was extracted... Continue Reading →


There are three key questions in relation to Chuck Wendig’s final installment in the Aftermath Trilogy. The questions are as follows:- Is Empire’s End an essential Star Wars Novel? Having read Empire’s End how can the Aftermath Trilogy be judged? What assessment can be made of Empire’s End as a standalone book? So lets look... Continue Reading →


With Inferno Squad, Christie Golden has delivered a Star Wars novel that splits fairly evenly into two clear parts. The first part sees the formation and bonding of a new crack anti-Rebellion Unit called the Inferno Squad. The second part sees that Squad being placed into action undercover amidst the hard-core cell constructed from the... Continue Reading →

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